With over 25 years of experience in face-to-face marketing, Exhibitor Source takes a results-oriented approach to problem solving for trade show displays and permanent structures. Expertise, award–winning design, trade show management, and rental options are all part of the package you will receive when working with us. We produce results for our clients and it would be an honor to serve you.

Your Exhibitor Source Team


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Frank Panico
Christy Wolford
Martha Vaughn
Accounting Coordinator

Account Executives

Jeremy Schaefer
Business Development Manager
Matt Darden
Sr. Account Executive
Martha Kopp
Sr. Account Executive
Jody Myers
Sr. Account Executive
David Byram
Sr. Account Executive
Larry Crews
Account Executive
Matt Ream
Account Executive

Project Management

Angel Lopez
Sr. Project Manager
Rachel Palughi
Sr. Project Manager
Victoria Warner
Project Manager
Kariah Petrille
Project Manager
Justin Kroll
Project Coordinator

Creative + Marketing

Erik Koglin
Creative Director
Dawson Eggert
Creative Coordinator
Harrison Haake
Marketing Director


Roosevelt Jenkins
Operations Manager
Michael Holmes
Services Supervisor
Eric Warner
Services Technician
Garrett Smith
Services Technician
Roman Edwards
Services Technician
Shane Jones
Services Technician


Jaime Wolfgram
Fabrication Supervisor
Esam Alzughabi
Sr. Custom Fabricator
Madhi Al-Tamimi
Custom Fabricator
Ali Al Fatlawy
Custom Fabricator
Levi Boucher
Custom Fabricator

Dominion Dealer Solutions

“Their team is very conscientious of our budgeting and our creative ideas. They bring their own ideas to the table and help merge those together.”
– Peyton Hoffman / Public Relations and Events Director

Santa Rosa Consulting

“Without Aly’s guidance I wouldn’t be able to make it through this show. We especially love the Blue Ribbon Service because she can focus on the small details so I can focus on the large strategy.”
– Gala Wilson / Sales & Marketing

Mueller Water Products

“Another thing that I like is that there are no surprises. The estimates are detailed, they’re provided up front, and I sign off before any substantial work takes place. I’ve yet to be surprised by an invoice.”
– Deron Austin / Senior Director of Marketing


“Even when we are in a far away city at a large trade show, Exhibitor Source is often on-site to offer assistance and oversight, along with the coordination of any third party installation. We rely on your team’s guidance to help us navigate the familiar and not so familiar aspects of trade show marketing.”
– James Baxter / Senior Vice President

Ooni Ltd.

“This was my first time running a trade show, and Matt from Exhibitor Source was amazing at always being there to lend a hand.”
– Aly Kuranowicz / Sales Account Manager

Meiko USA

“Working with Exhibitor Source from design to the show floor, they guide you through every process. They double check every box, and they really give you the confidence and assurance you need to execute a good show.”
– Abigail Jennings / Event Coordinator

Fortified Health Security

“One of the things I like working with Exhibitor Source is their way of measuring our engagement at the booth. They’re tracking people stopping by the booth and getting those metrics.”
– Judy Cooper / Director of Marketing

Hoffmann Group USA

“Exhibitor Source actually came in to our booth and took our staff through booth training to teach them how to engage with visitors and things they need to say to get people to actually come into the booth.”
– Ashley Humphrey / Director of Marketing & Communications

Enovate Medical

“They understand our business, which means they took the time to understand what it is that we need to be promoting. Rather than simply just showing up at a trade show.”
– Kevin Bridges / VP Marketing & Development

Hoffmann Group USA

“It was very important for us to work with a really quality booth builder like Exhibitor Source because they are one of the best, and we thought they would give us the best showing at IMTS.”
– Ashley Humphrey / Director of Marketing & Communications


“I appreciate your listening ear and your advice and guidance in regards to our trade show line-up. I also value your interest in our marketing goals and how you can help us succeed in those when it comes to trade show and conference management.”
– Carrie Owens / PR and Event Manager

Fushi Copperweld

“I want to thank you for all of the work you’ve done ensuring that Fushi Copperweld’s exhibits and show graphics looked their very best. Whether the work was done within your organization, through Exhibitor Source’s network, or by an overseas partner, everything you’ve done for us has worked out wonderfully.”
– Thomas Horton / Global Marketing Director

Santa Rosa Consulting

“It’s been our pleasure at Santa Rosa to work with Exhibitor Source. They have been a phenomenal partner for multiple years. Every year we work with Exhibitor Source we expand our presence.”
– Laura O’Toole / Chief Operating Officer


“By handling the storage of our booth, management of our show services, and online inventory management, your team allows me to focus on my actual job! I really appreciate the service they have provided me.”
– Alexis Guetzlaff / Product Manager, Foodservice

Pilot Flying J

“Exhibitor Source designed a completely custom trade show booth to meet our current business and brand objectives, but they also made it flexible enough for us to change it out each year with new marketing initiatives. We were blown away by the first round of design drafts for the booth. We knew we were starting a great partnership with a great company.”
– Lynsay Russell

WhiteHat Security

“Having a display house such as Exhibitor Source take care of all of the little pieces to a booth gives me such piece of mind. They help me to solve problems that I may not know how to solve, and they will always go the extra mile to make things happen for us.”
– Lauren Jensen / Field Marketing Manager

Our Core Values

  • Provide creative ideas to assist in the success of our clients
  • Do what is right
  • Maintain a culture where each team member can contribute ideas and be challenged

The Reason We Exist

We exist to make a remarkable difference for our clients, team members, and worthy causes.