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Skyline Exhibitor Source has extensive experience when it comes to branding your facility to reflect your image. From lobbies to conference rooms, our team of experienced designers and cabinet builders can create the fresh image you’re looking for. Let our expert consultants, designers, and technicians help you make the right first impression and tell the perfect story to set your organization apart.

Dell Computers

Dell Computers was faced with the challenge of converting a basic entry area where the public gather before touring the facility. With this space, Dell desired to highlight its six new products in an engaging way that allowed visitors to test out their new products. This waiting area was transformed into a place to highlight their new product launches from the past 6 months, prior to touring their state of the art facility.

We produced a sleek visual display that accented yet energized the existing environment. High impact lighting effects were used to spotlight the product and draw attention. Warm wood tones were contrasted with glass, brushed metals, and backlit blue plexiglass panels, creating the warmth of a personal feel while reinforcing Dell’s position as a key provider of technology products.

Patricia Neal

The Fort Sanders Regional Medical Center in Knoxville, TN is the home of the Patricia Neal Rehabilitation Center. The inspirational story of silver screen actress Patricia Neal’s life and stroke recovery was to be the focus of two hallways, including memorabilia showcases, a 12-person menu-driven cinema (featuring both full-length Patricia Neal and current-release movies for patients and family members), and a mini preview theater with looping video of Ms. Neal’s films.

Skyline Exhibitor Source provided a plan to produce easily changeable wall graphics that could be applied using a low-profile Velcro. An interactive digital kiosk was also built into the project. The graphics give the appearance of wallpaper; however, they may be easily changed out to emphasize the various aspects of Patricia Neal’s incredible story.

Smiths Detection Facility

Smiths Detection is a leader in detection technology ranging from airport metal detectors to safeguarding our food packaging. They wanted their office space to tell a story about the global reach and depth of their product solutions to visiting clients. In their lobby, they wanted to display the scope of Smiths’ abilities across the entire company. In their conference room, they wanted to highlight the global use of their detection equipment and highlight particular case studies. Their demo room was the space they wanted to use to drill down and identify the potential relationship of Smiths’ capabilities to their particular client’s business.

Wall accents conveying technology and monitor displays to loop their products and processes were installed. In the conference room, we displayed an attention-getting floating brushed metallic map with dynamic back lighting highlighting locations and case studies that can be changed out to suit particular meetings. The demo room was revamped with wall treatments and displays to illustrate the effectiveness of their systems.




The Infiniti automobile is an exquisite luxury vehicle. Nissan USA desired to reinforce a distinctive brand identity at their Franklin, TN headquarters.

We were brought in to accent areas of Nissan’s dynamic work environment with brand marks and images. Dimensional metallic branding was added to wall spaces while gallery style prints were installed in corridors and conference rooms. Ultimately, anyone walking through the complex will engage the cars and the Inspired Performance that drives Infiniti excellence.

Clark Schaefer Hackett

Client timeline, branded lobby and employee recognition wall design.


Corporate branding, including display design, project management and implementation.

Franklin International

Conference room, multi-dimensional branding wall.

King Business Interiors

Soffit and column branding design and implementation.


Corporate culture focused interior branding wall using wall graphics and LED backlit identity graphics.


Continuing a brand footprint for a conference room setting, utilizing impactful, large scale graphic and multi-dimensional branding.


Various multi-dimensional branding elements within
a vision center.


Innovation Center exterior branding, classroom interior design, marketing offices and brainstorming are designs.

Standard Register

Customer Experience Center design and implementation.

Believers’ Chapel

How do you foster community and encourage interaction among people? Believers’ Chapel Church sought to rethink the main foyer of their facility to help cultivate deeper relationships. The goal was to convey their faith while simultaneously providing a comfortable and functional space.

We designed imagery, signage, and text applications to fit within the space. Inspiring messaging suited the church’s vision and blended with the “coffee shop” conversational environment.

Fleet One

WEX Fleet One wanted to add visual interest to their headquarters that would encourage and reinforce their mission. They wanted their vision in plain view, not so much in a sequential process of walking around the building, but more in a ubiquitous sense for clients and employees alike.

We designed, produced, and installed a solution by presenting mission and vision statements on their walls. Throughout the office, even in the onsite gym, one is reminded of who WEX Fleet One is at its core. A section of wall hosts plexiglass images of historic logos and events that highlight the company’s history.


Copperweld wanted to brand their space to highlight their applications in a way similar to their website. Additionally, they wanted to build graphics into their space to help inspire creative thinking.

We mounted a dimensional logo at the entry to greet visitors. Moving down the hallway, we installed a cable graphic solution that mimicked their web presence and highlighted their product offering. At the end of the hall, we installed multilayered graphics in their conference room. These graphics showed an application (such as a power station) in a photograph and a solution (such as a power schematic) in plexiglass superimposed over the photo for a dynamic illustration.

Radio Systems

Who doesn’t love a good dog? Radio Systems has built a successful company providing the tools to protect, teach, and love pets. They wanted to highlight their success in an informal meeting area where they begin client tours. The goal was to show the historic accomplishments of the company, but to do so in the context of their core values of innovation, creativity, and understanding of pets and their owners.

Skyline Exhibitor Source designed, produced, and installed a timeline concept anchoring the space between a monitor that runs informative videos and an enormous wall mural of man’s best friend faithfully returning a stick. We created a space that is comfortable and informative with plexiglass paw prints indicating dates and events, and a graphic wall displaying the company values that can be easily pointed out.

And yes, you may bring your dog to work!

Junior Achievement

Junior Achievement’s Biz Town project in Knoxville, TN is well worth a visit. Biz Town is a place where students actively function in a small civic structure of business and government in a day-long project. Junior Achievement wanted to use the entry to the Biz Town facility to highlight their donors and identify key supporters of this dynamic program.

Skyline Exhibitor Source analyzed the space and then designed, produced, and installed a solution that met budget requirements while complementing the design of Biz Town. Utilizing dimensional logos and bright colors, we were able to design a solution that recognized donors and appealed to visitors. We used triangle shapes throughout to capitalize on JA’s brand mark while taking every opportunity to keep it fun and light.

The Tennessee Department of Labor

The Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development regulates the employer and employee relationship. Upon completing construction of their new service center in downtown Nashville, they wanted to add some branding elements that would convey their vision, mission, and values.

The elevators are the main source of traffic in the building, so Skyline Exhibitor Source targeted these locations by placing fabric banners outside the elevators on all four floors. The banners were tapered alternately to create the sense of movement as well as direct attention to the message.

Electronic Express

Electronic Express specializes in top quality, name brand electronics for your home, car, or business. Two-fold in their goals, the desire was to both add directional signs to aid customers in finding products as well as help hide overhead storage. Signage would need to express a cohesive marketing message.

Skyline Exhibitor Source came up with a basic plan of dynamic lifestyle images set against strong company colors and clear text. The end result was a visual immersion in the daily use of Electronic Express products.


When Emdeon moved their corporate office into a new building they looked for an attractive and effective way to enhance their corporate environment with large murals and both 3D as well as 2D applications to accent walls with the trigger words for the concepts they were looking to promote.

The large murals are mounted onto 1/2-inch thick PVC boards and installed virtually flush onto the walls without any visible mounting hardware. Durable non-glare overlaminate protects the attractive images in heavy-traffic areas. Brushed aluminum 3D letters and transparent vinyl decals spell out slogans and compelling words. Large floor to ceiling etched glass vinyl logos add a subtle corporate identity to different color walls.

Greater Nashville Association of Realtors

Greater Nashville Association of Realtors wanted to repurpose a room in their facility from an under-performing retail area to an educational and connection center. Realtors would have a place to gather and collaborate with other realtors, learn more about the greater Nashville market, or access resources to help them succeed.

We installed a conversational area anchored by a monitor that could be used for presentations or loops communicating GNAR’s purpose and message. Bistro seating allowed realtors to sit and chat in a casual atmosphere while awards and photos were suspended along the walls for easy presentation. A dynamic wall mural of a realtor and buying family draws the eye to the other side of the room where iPad stations provide access to apps realtors can utilize on site.

Service Provider Group

Service Provider Group hosts five brand identities across several locations. Their goal was to make a consistent brand statement throughout all offices where clients would visit.

We designed, produced, and installed signage that complemented the wall treatment they chose for each location. Cast letters provided dimension, three-dimensional puzzle pieces and plexi-mounted graphics illustrated the hierarchy of SPG’s brands, providing a consistent mark across all offices.

Urbana University

Client branded banners.