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Our Process

How we work with you all the way to the show and back.

We don’t want to just sell you an exhibit. We want to learn your business and become a partner. From the first step of learning through listening to your goals and expectations, all the way to evaluating the success of the event, we look for ways to continually improve. We want to gain your confidence in us as an advocate for your success, and provide expertise all along the way. Our greatest successes are always along side the successes of our clients.

creative process

Our Creative Process

Our team of highly experienced, award-winning designers work very hard at balancing. We have to listen carefully to come to understand your brand, goals and expectations. Then we have to find dynamic concepts that are interesting, unique and relevant to what you want to do. That balance of blending your goals with our creative expertise helps us propel you forward in your marketing efforts.

Technology Integration

Finding the right technological tool to go with the right marketing job is a daunting task. From virtual reality to touchscreens and mobile apps, we can help you navigate the jungle of opportunities to integrate an interesting and relevant technology experience with your project. We help you consider the right amount of technology, guide you in trends in technology use, and give you ideas on how to creatively use technology to create a memorable impression. Then we coordinate the resources to get that technology to work for you.

creative process
creative process

Training with Us

For over 25 years we have been in the world of face to face marketing. From design and build to shipping and staffing, we have been involved in projects around the country and around the world. Let us put that expertise to work for you. We can provide training for you and your staff to help your program and your show strategy excel. We can be an extension of your team that knows the business of experiential marketing and helps clear the path to better show experiences.


How do you know if it was worth it? The business of trade shows and live event marketing is full of questions regarding how you use your marketing budget. We have tools to help you plan and track the way you use your budget and maximize your program dollars. Helping you understand how to develop useful metrics to measure ROI on your program, and continually improve, is part of our process and our commitment to your project.

creative process